About Me

Katherine Iorio

Katherine Iorio

My name is Katherine Iorio. My journalism career first started in high school when I became a metro reporter for my high school newspaper in 2005. I worked my way up to being an editor for the satire section of the paper covering subjects ranging from politics to fashion.

Once at college, I was a news reporter for my community college’s newspaper, The Harbinger in 2009. The following year I became the editor in chief of the college’s paper. I turned an eight page paper into a thirty-two page paper while still increasing revenue and distribution by a thousand. I had the chance to interview people like Congressman Joe Walsh, director and screenwriter Mark Boal and chef/food writer Andrew Zimmern.

At Columbia College Chicago in 2011, I freelanced for the website Chicago Talks producing over fifteen articles on Chicago’s education system. During that time I was a media and public relations specialist for State Representative Cynthia Soto who is vice-chairman of Appropriations-Higher Education Committee.

During the summer of 2012, the NATO Summit was held in Chicago where I was able to take a course that covered it. I wrote articles for Chicago Talks and The Chronicle about protests and issues that were being presented at the summit. One of the best experiences of the course was being able to go to McCormick Place and sit in the front row for President Obama’s final remarks on the summit.

I interned in Fall 2012 with CBS 2 Chicago where I was an intern investigative reporter under Michele Youngerman, producer, and Dave Savini, investigative reporter. I was able to transcribe the interview done by Mr. Savini and also perform research on specific cases he is investigating.

I took an advanced covering politics class which has allowed me to cover the 2012 Presidential Election and congressional races in Chicago. I have published articles about the congressional race between newly elected Rep. Tammy Duckworth and Joe Walsh relating to their issues and platforms. The demographic that I was covering for the 2012 election was religious voters which introduced a key issue during the debates, abortions and women’s rights which I was able to write about.

During my J-Term at Columbia College I traveled to Ireland where I wrote a blog about my travels and Ireland’s economic troubles that relate to emigration. This experience to travel to Ireland helped with my aspiration to be a foreign correspondent. Once back at school, I took international reporting with Jackie Spinner who was an International Correspondent for The Washington Post. l also took an honours seminar class where I covered homicide in Chicago which was published. I graduated May 2013 where I received a Bachelors of Art degree in Journalism with a concentration in news reporting and writing.

I then traveled to London where I studied at City University London and obtained my MA in International Journalism. While in London I had a work-placement with CBS News’ London Bureau and also was later on hired as a Freelance Assistant Newsdesk Editor. I was able to assist them on covering stories like: the conflict in Ukraine, the kidnapping of 300 school girls in Nigeria, the Oscar Pistorius trial and the elections in both Egypt and Syria. On my spare time, I was a social media coordinator for Al-Jazeera’s campaign #FreeAJStaff.

Currently, I am an Associate Producer for CNN International where I am responsible for duties ranging from preparing video elements and monitoring agency, affiliate and pool feeds as well as material from CNN’s various production centers and bureaus. Specific job duties include: coordinating video needs for assigned shows and making sure packages, looklives or any other media needs are ready for air. This includes reviewing incoming feeds to determine the newest and best available video and communicating to the newsroom and the control room.



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