Ferguson Store Owner Who Was Robbed By Michael Brown Had Store Looted

After the decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, protestors and rioters began to loot restaurants and stores—including the Ferusin Market. The store Michael Brown robbed the day he was killed.

Paul Hampel / Via

Paul Hampel / Via


The man in this photo is the convenient store owner who was robbed by Michael Brown. He is the owner of the Ferusin Market store.

Today, people from around the world decided to help those who were affected by the riots—including donations. On Hero Network , hundreds decided to donate money to Victims of Ferguson Looting.

“Store owners who have nothing to do with the unrest in Ferguson are having their stores looted and destroyed. Many people who want to help and show support to the community don’t know who or where to donate safely too. In the past, the Hero Network has raised funds for hurricane and tornado victims. We feel that it is our corporate responsibility to help raise funds to help the store owners with the financial damages from these acts of destruction,” says the website.

More than a dozen buildings in Ferguson were significantly damaged in the protests that followed the announcement last night. Investigators are still surveying the damage, while residents brace for a second night of unrest.

Shimon Prokupecz / Via Twitter: @ShimonPro

Shimon Prokupecz / Via Twitter: @ShimonPro

This piece was originally published on BuzzFeed on November 25, 2014.


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