Book Review: Spartan Up! You’ll Know at the Finish Line


Do you have what it takes to be a Spartan? Each year, thousands of people come to push their mental and physical boundary for the shiny Spartan medal. That being said, many people have no idea what’s in store for them; believing it’s ‘just’ another mud race, or merely a race that only foolish people do, but boy do they have it wrong.

In an upcoming book, Spartan Up! You’ll Know at the Finish Line, Spartan Race founders Joe DeSena and Andy Weinberg present a stimulating alternative to dull, inactive life in the form of a sport that anyone can do.

In the book, DeSena says just that; “Anyone can be a Spartan, you just need to commit to the way of life the founder of Sparta did.” He even goes on to state: “When people succeed where they thought they could not, positive attitudes are cultivated and strengthened.”

They outline the Spartan training philosophy, inspired by the bravery and discipline of the Ancient Spartiates and devoted to functional exercise, which entails neither equipment nor gym membership–just a body, a will, and the great outdoors.

Like the original Spartans, I built my philosophy on a blend of hardcore modern science and obscure philosophical teachings, all given my own unique spin. To me it all boils down to one thing: to reach full potential, you need to ‘unlearn’ every important thing modern society has taught you.

Through the book’s 10 chapters, DeSena teaches the reader how to systematically apply the Spartan way to every aspect of your life: food/diet, working out, health, business or work, education, relationships, parenting.

But what DeSena does in this book, as well, is share his personal and intimate stories of his success and even his failures. He exposes the stories of several people who have had their lives forever changed by Spartan Race. The reader will learn what ambitions each athlete had to overcome to get to the top of the mountain and for some to the top of the podium. What do they all share? At one point, they were just one of the thousands of people believing it’s ‘just’ another mud race.

As DeSena says in his book, “You won’t win every race you enter or crush every obstacle but each experience of success or failure can be a profound learning experience…[But] you become faster, stronger, more resilient.”

The book is to be released May 13. Reserve your copy toady at

Watch the Spartan Up! Promo Video Here!

STFU – Spartan Up Promo from SpartanRace on Vimeo.

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