Hot and Steamy NFL Players–Coming Out

English: Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears

English: Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I’m not the only woman who has fantasies about NFL players and the action they get on and off the field with each other. Let’s be realistic here; that butt-slapping stunt probably is seen more so in the locker rooms than on the TV.

While Rob Gronkowski said he was OK with a gay teammate and Brian Urlacher and Walter Payton’s brother Eddie both said they never would have donated signed memorabilia to a charitable organization if they’d known it is overtly opposed to gay marriage; what is the likelihood of an NFL football player coming out while being signed onto a team?

Isn’t Chris Clemons of the Seattle Seahawks correct in saying that a gay teammate would be disruptive in the locker room? It is bad enough that he gets smacked on the ass by so many of his teammates on the field, how could he handle that type of attention in the locker room, ass naked?

Is sports journalist Howard Schlossberg correct when he wrote in his Juice This blog: “The chances of an openly gay player on an NFL roster are about as strong as the lights failing at the Super Bowl site for as long as – oh, 34 minutes, or the game actually being played in an outdoor stadium in a cold-weather market.”

Come on Schlossberg! Don’t you understand if a player like former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo was cut after his staunch support of marriage equality and gay rights, more NFL players will see and understand the repercussions of their actions like his?

Even though Ayanbadejo announced to the Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson that he “think[s] it will happen sooner than you think,” there will be a burly backlash from other players, coaches and probably donors.

America’s audience has to remember that Bible-pushing, money-grumbling Republicans will find their ways into the honor and historical nature of football. They will remind us all that sport’s fields and locker rooms are not a place for “homosexuals.”

Not even money-hungry, Bible-loving Republicans can enjoy the likes of those gorgeous butts being smacked by sweaty, thirsty and testosterone-filled football jocks.

So, sorry Schlossberg, but your argument about NFL players coming out in this world of homophobic, money-famished politicians can take a hike. They’re not ready for those rock-hard-abed men to get steamy with one-another in the locker rooms just yet, or in their pocketbooks either.


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