Columbia College Chicago has a Cheer Team–Who Knew?

Columbia Cheer's Photo on their Twitter Page

Columbia Cheer’s Photo on their Twitter Page

When most people think of the highly expensive art schoolColumbia College Chicago, many would assume that the student’s who go there are too involved in their clothes or their appearance rather than playing sports. But you know what people say about assuming!

It’s no surprise to laugh at people’s reaction when they are told that Columbia College Chicago actually does have sports teams and they’re pretty good!

Take for instance Columbia’s cheerleading team. Of course there is a cheer team at Columbia; we can’t have fashion and theater majors not expressing their body and style preferences without a public audience.

Brooke Burgert, senior film and video major, turned in the recognition packet for the cheer team in 2011 and the Renegades’ board members reviewed and approved it, allowing the team to be official.

According to an article by The Chronicle, Burgert said, “We are really good for a starting team, especially at Columbia, and we have a lot of girls showing up who know gymnastics. The problem is only people who have done cheerleading have been showing up.”

The team cheers at the men’s basketball games and school events, such as the kick-off rallies and Open House. The cheer team also competes in competitions.

“Hopefully in the future, they will be able to perform at Convocation and Manifest,” said Abby Cress, vice president of the Renegades in The Chronicle article.

The team is split into two sections: one for cheering and the other for competing. Some of the team’s members are in both sections.

Columbia’s cheer team isn’t just for females either. They are still accepting applications for men who want to join.



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