Region: China Base: Beijing

Chicago Chinatown at Night

Chicago Chinatown at Night

Within the next three months, I will be focusing much of my international reporting on China. While my region will be China, my base will be Beijing.

My attraction to covering China comes from the large immigrant population that is here in Chicago and also the business aspect that comes with covering the region.

According to Quick Facts Census information, there was an estimated 2,707,120 people living in Chicago in 2011; 5.5 percent were Asian persons.

The New York Times‘ interactive map showing immigration data 1880 reported having Cook County in 2000  with 28,233 Chinese born citizens living there and an estimated total population of Chinese residents of 5,376,741.

Interactive Map Showing Immigration Data Since 1880

Interactive Map Showing Immigration Data Since 1880

Today a 5.1-magnitude quake jolted the west part of northwest China’s Qinghai Providence, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center.

In recent news, China welcomed the year of the snake on Sunday, Feb. 10. Chinese celebrated the traditional lunar new year, or Spring Festival, which fell on the Sunday this year.

China Welcomes Year of the Snake- Storify

China Welcomes Year of the Snake- Storify

While covering this cultural and diverse population, I will be following key journalists who are in China reporting on current news.

Barbara DemickLos Angeles Times Beijing bureau chief

Megan Stack, Los Angeles Times Beijing reporter

David Pierson, China correspondent for the Los Angeles Times

Tom Lasseter, Beijing Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers

Andrew Jacobs, New York Times reporter in the Beijing bureau

Those are just a few of the journalists that I am following on Twitter that will give me a better understanding of the news that is being covered in China and also a better understanding of the culture.

I find that one of the most difficult parts of being a journalist is educating myself on the cultural norms. I’ve been asking myself, do I reach out my hand for a hand shake or do I bow in front of the person I will interview? I will definitely have to educate myself on what to do and what not to do in scenarios like this.

The next three months will be interesting to sat the least and hopefully will teach me more about China so one day I can travel there and become a reporter for a prominent bureau like the journalists I mentioned above.


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