Karaoke in Dublin?

There was little-to-no time to be bored while in Dublin. That being said, while some people were sight seeing, I was at a karaoke bar in Dublin’s “Chinatown” singing Barbie Girl.

While cliches were being made in our class, a small group of outcasts became know as The Breakfast Club. Tim known as The Brain, Ellen as The Princess, Kaitlyn The Basket-case, D.J. The Rebel and I am The Athlete.

Video by Katherine Iorio

As I have been calling us The Irish Breakfast Club, we promised while we were in Dublin we would go sing karaoke. The closest place we could find was a karaoke bar in Dublin’s Chinatown.

The Basket-case, Kaitlyn, belted out one of her favorites “Once Upon a December” kicking off some of the fin for all the Irish Breakfast Club members.

The Rebel, D.J., seduced a chair when he performed his rendition of Rihanna‘s S&M.

The Brain, Tim, belted out Layla with the assistance of The Basket-case, Kaitlyn.

The Princess, Ellen, The Brain, Tim and The Basket-case, Kaitlyn performed their rendition of Brown Eyed Girl bringing the evening to an end.

In many ways, this trip opened my eyes to show how much I want to be a foreign correspondent. But this also allowed me to make some great friends that I hope to be able to keep in touch with while in London getting my masters degree.

The Irish Breakfast Club certainly had their fair share of crazy, fun and exciting nights. There will be more to come if I have anything to say about it.

The Irish Breakfast Club

The Irish Breakfast Club


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