IPad’s Market Share Takes a Bite from Competitors

Over the last year, tablet ownership has steadily increased from 11 percent of United States adults in July of 2011 to 18 percent in Jan. of 2012, according to PEJ data. Currently, 22 percent own a tablet and another 3 percent regularly use a tablet owned by someone else in the home. This number is very close to new data, released and conducted in a separate survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project on July 16 through Aug. 7 2012 that found 25 percent of all U.S. adults have a tablet computer.

It would seem that we’ve got the various CEOs of the major tech companies snarling at each other as the holiday season approaches, or at least snarling about each others’ various products with venom more usually seen in academic disputes. However, here there’s actually something at stake as there so often isn’t in the academic slanging matches.

The Apple CEO takes pot shot at the Microsoft Surface, the Google CEO sniggers rather about Apple and so around the marketplace it goes.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple held a press event earlier this week where the Cupertino-based company introduced the new iPad mini and a fourth-generation iPad, together with new iMacs,a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Mac Mini. We break down the top 5 iPad and iPad mini announcements that we didn’t expect. Plus, a closer look at the stunningly slim iMac and its so-called “Fusion Drive”.

Some are speculating that Apple is trying to bury Microsoft in an avalanche of product announcements, to take the wind out of Windows 8’s official launch. It’s difficult to say whether Apple’s tactic has worked, as we’ve realized that many consumers are looking forward to Windows 8 devices.

Asus has unveiled its lineup for the first wave, including the intriguing Taichi, so named because its two sides reflect both universal forces of Yin and Yang. Watch the video above to see how the notebook can be operated in four different modes with its dual displays.

The growth in tablet adoption is likely related to the advent of the lower-priced tablets in late 2011. Overall, about two-thirds of tablet-owning adults, 68 percent, got their tablet in the last year, including 32 percent in 2012 alone.

The tech landscape is far different than in previous Microsoft-Apple clashes. Amazon claims some 22 percent of the tablet market, and Google and its partners using the Android system are a major force in mobile. But Microsoft appears to be digging in for the long-haul by getting into tablets, the mobile market and music.

That has lessened Apple’s dominance in the market. Now, just over half, 52 percent, of tablet owners report owning an iPad, compared with 81 percent in the survey a year ago. Android-based devices make up the bulk of the remaining tablet ownership, 48 percent overall, dominated largely by the Kindle Fire. Two in ten, 21 percent, own a Kindle Fire, 8 percent the Samsung Galaxy, and the rest, a mix of others. (These numbers match very closely with sales data which put the Apple iPad at 61 percent of world sales, Android devices at 31 percent and Windows at 4 percent.)

This survey was also conducted before the introduction of Google’s Nexus 7 or Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD.

Even before these, the influx of Android-based devices has changed the tablet market, much as it did for smartphones over the past several years. Of the 44 percent of adults who have a smartphone, 46 percent have an Android phone, 38 percent have an iPhone and 10 percent have a Blackberry.

Among those who have both a tablet and smartphone, there is some operating system loyalty. A majority of iPad owners who also have smartphones have an iPhone (57 percent); just 32 percent have an Android phone. Similarly, 66 percent of those who have an Android tablet have an Android phone; 29 percent have an iPhone.


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