IPad Mini is Here–Worth the Price?


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Tuesday, October 23, Apple Inc. unveiled a smaller IPad, IPad Mini–7.9 inches–seeks to dampen rival companies that produce tablets with their asking price.

The iPad Mini tablet, which starts at $329, is a cousin to the original iPad, whose screen is about a third larger. But Apple’s smaller tablet is priced well above Amazon‘s Kindle Fire HD and Google‘s Nexus 7—two tablets which are similar in size and some specs. Those devices cost $199 or $249 depending on the amount of memory.

The Google Nexus 7, starting at $199, has defined the 7-inch tablet. It’s cheap and as useful as you make it. So, is Apple completely insane to drop a $329 price tag on its device?

Students from Columbia College Chicago were both uninterested and aggravated by the price, yet some had already placed an order and expect to get theirs in a matter of days.

Jolie Greenstone, photography student, doesn’t believe the asking price is all that bad.

“I was expecting something a litte bit more expensive, but its not that bad,” Greenstone said.

Eddie Diaz, broadcast journalism student, feels the complete opposite.

“I would not purchase the IPad Mini, its basically the IPhone,” Diaz said. “They’re [Apple] is just out of ideas.”

Is it a small iPad or a big iPhone?

Or a third class altogether?

We won’t know this for sure until we get our hands on the device and see how people use it in the wild. But the question matters to designers of news products and other apps or mobile sites.

User interface designers will need to adjust to the smaller screen dimensions. Is that button that was just right on the iPad now too small to tap comfortably? Is that two-pane layout now too cramped?

User experience designers will need to determine how and where people will use a smaller iPad. The full-size iPad is mostly left at home, used in the evenings while relaxing. The iPhone is carried everywhere and used in short sessions throughout the day. The user needs and environments are different, so you have to design differently for each. If the new smaller iPad turns out to be significantly more portable, that will change what users want it to do.

In the long run, the additional complexity may be yet another nudge for news organizations toward using responsively designed websites that adapt fluidly to any screen size.

Apple, however, priced for the cheapest version $329, which offers only Wi-Fi connectivity and 16 gigabytes of storage. The 32GB version will be $429 and the 64GB iPad Mini will cost $529, with models that also connect to cellular networks starting at $460.

Different Priced Tablets













Just as some smartphone buyers don’t need to spend more than $100 for a handset, many suspect that some will balk at pricey tablets, as well. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing new in the iPad Mini, nor is there anything that would justify the higher cost.

Apple also announced a restyled iMac computer, MacBook Pro laptop and Mac Mini desktop.


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