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Ways to Save–Alcohol

It’s an expense many college students will not forego. Each year, college students spend about $5.5 billion on alcohol, mostly beer. So here’s how to save, and some creative alternatives for your favorite beverages.

  • Don’t drink. But if you must…
  • Be cheap
    • Buy the cheap stuff. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old English 40 oz. bottles come to mind 😉
    • Buy in bulk. A cheap 5th of Vodka might cost about the same as a drink or two at a bar.
    • Drink where the specials are. Some college bars and dance clubs have pitcher specials, 1 dollar drink specials, no cover charge, or other specials for people going out early or going out on slower nights.
    • Pre-game if you do drink heavily.
    • Don’t bring much money with you to limit how much you drink and spend.
    • Hit other people’s parties.
  • For those beer lovers who really dislike the cheap beer, join a beer brewers club or get a group of dorm mates to brew beer. In the last few years the hobby has grown exponentially and college students everywhere are brewing. Warning: brewing may not be “legal” in your dorm room….que sera, sera.
  • At a sit-down restaurant avoid ordering the alcoholic beverages. Most restaurants make a killing on beer, wine and fancy cocktails. The alcohol mark up can be anywhere between 75 and 400 percent! An option is to shop for BYOB restaurants.

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