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Freebies for you Newbies

While investigating the ways in which college students, and possibly average people, can save money in this harsh economy, not only should people look for great ways to save but also look for freebies.

Ever wanted to just get free things for signing up or liking a page on Facebook? Well, it really is just that simple. Take for instance today, October 16, is Free Pizza Day by Sbarro. It’s National Pizza Month so they’re on a quest to reach 100,000 “likes” by November 1st. Once they do, they’ll donate 50,000 lunches to local food banks plus unlock a National Free Pizza day for all their Facebook fans on November 3rd to try a free cheese slice of their new pizza recipe.

Or for the women out there, who have smelly boyfriends or husbands, why not get a free sample of NIVEA for Men Body Wash to make them smell fresh as a daisy? NIVEA For Men’s 3-in-1 deodorizing hair and body wash with Smart Deo Technology removes dirt and odor causing substances while the intense foaming formula provides a Platinum-level clean without drying out your skin leaving an invigorating scent. With NIVEA For Men’s exclusive Hydra IQ Technology for a great film-free skin feeling. Women and men can sign up for a free sample of NIVEA For Men Platinum Protect 3-in-1 Body Wash.

Does this seem too good to be true? Well, it really isn’t  Websites are now offering daily lists of freebies, deals and easy ways to make cash just by looking at their website. Take for instance. On October 15, yesterday, Starbucks was giving away Free Caffe Lattes. Did you miss your opportunity for a free Caffe Latte? Well, had you known about the site and all the free stuff you could get, you would be getting things like pizza, coffees and breakfasts for free.

Are you paying too much for your magazines? Are you spending nearly $15 every issue. You can get free magazines and subscriptions for many different types of magazines. There are over 15 different free trade magazines that offer the reader inputs on issues ranging from business to politics. Having problems with your finance during these difficult economic times? Why not get a free subscription to Global Finance and read about how to solve some of those problems?

Feeling a little bit hungry today? Looking for a healthy snack to surpass that hungry feeling? Why not get a free sample of Yoplait yogurt which is healthy and tastes amazing? For those women who are searching for a way to look younger and save a bundle, there are printable coupons for Lancome Paris for their Free Genifique Day. You can get a free seven day supply of their Genifique.

Looking for your fix on Denzel Washington? How about getting $3 off The Denzel Washington Film Collect to curb that fix of yours?  If Denzel Washington isn’t at the top of your favorite actors list, Liam Neeson sure can fix any man or woman’s fantasy with his kick-butt style. You can save $3 off The Liam Neeson Film Collection on DVD.

Looking for a good read on your eBook? EnvyCrystal is an online based supplier specializing in organic items, beauty and health for all. Their goal is to provide their customers with quality products at affordable prices. Sign up for their newsletter and confirm your email. You will receive a discount code to redeem a free book of your choice.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for free on any of these websites remember to always look around. Every day has new offerings for free items and products. Just remember these are easy ways to get free samples, toys and pretty much everything else just a simple click away.


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