English: Nikon D3100 body with AF-S DX Nikkor ...

English: Nikon D3100 body with AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm Polski: Nikon D3100 z obiektywem AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My field, journalism, is rapidly changing in this new world of technology. Rarely anyone picks up a newspaper any more. Everyone gets their news from online sources; like Yahoo or Google News. This rapidly changing field of mine now requires me to do far more than just being a good writer.

During class last Tuesday, a fellow professor came into our class to tell us about a new class being offered in the Fall, Digital Storytelling. This professor that came in also just happened to be my idol. She was a foreign correspondent for Washington Post. She traveled to the battle fronts of Iraq and Afghanistan reporting news on the wars.

She explained that this class is undoubtedly the course to take for where our field is headed, convergence. A journalist now much be able to write well, take pictures well, shoot film, have voice overs and cut together and also blog and tweet. We are essentially a walking up-to-date news source.

I bolted to the computer and immediately registered for the class, while having to drop another one in its place. But knowing that my idol has said this is a course that must be taken to make it in our field, how could I say no?

I was excited hearing everything I would be able to accomplish in the class. They were going to teach us how to shoot proper journalism photos, how to record video and edit it and better than anything, we will be critiqued by world renowned photo journalists and videographers that will be teaching the class.

Images of me winning a Pulitzer Prize for my journalism work rushed through my mind. I could not stop smiling by the thought–until she said, “Well, there are some required materials that are essential to this class.”

Smile kind of sank, not too much. Materials shouldn’t be that bad, should they? I have a Flip recorder, although the company no longer produces them I purchased one at a pawn shop in Wicker Park. My professor of Reporting and Writing 2 teacher said I needed one for my field. So, I did what she said.

I was then told in class the Journalism Department no longer allows Flips as a required recorder. Bubble popped. Just like that I saw dollar bill signs dance in front of my eyes. Not only do I need a new recorder, I need a new audio voice recorder.

The one recommended is nice, like I mean really nice. Too bad it costs $100. That isn’t too bad. I can set aside that. But then I see, required for the class I need a DSLR camera with an audio jack such as the Nikon D3100 or Canon Rebel with an external microphone, which is “acceptable.”

Do you know how much those cameras cost? One is nearly $800 and the other one is $700. Mouth dropped at those prices. I almost started crying. My little point-and-shoot is not acceptable for the required material.

“Why, why are my dreams so expensive,” I cried. I just want to be a world renowned journalist. Is that too much to ask for?

No, no it is not. And by golly, I will figure a way to get the required materials I need to succeed in my field.  Maybe I will have to get a second job, nanny some kids or maybe even….well never mind about that one.

I will become that world renowned journalist winning Pulitzer Prizes on my journalism work. Somehow I will figure out a way to make those dollar bill signs dance from my eyes to my pockets.


2 thoughts on “Convergence

  1. THIS. I recently bought a Canon Rebel t2i since I wanted to learn how to take photographs, and now I have to purchase Photoshop to try and learn that as well. Convergence is hurting my wallet.

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