Haley Reinhart Making it BIG

American Idol

American Idol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All eyes are on Haley Reinhart this week after her performance on American Idol, making her one of the top four finalists.  During Wednesday’s, May 4 evening performance her two songs both made the judge’s talk.

Things didn’t go as well for Reinhart with her first performance of an unreleased Lady Gaga tune “You and I.”

“Risky and it didn’t pay off with the judges – she was admonished to have chosen a much more well-known song,” stated a critic on Parade Magazine.

Yet, this fan was not as happy with Reinhart’s song choice; one hopeful critic went on to say, “So many Idol fans at home were probably unfamiliar with it. [This] didn’t matter, because Haley sounded amazing. Her cool growl was back and she hit some really tough high notes. It was a great performance, and I was baffled by the judges’ critical comments,” stated Len Melisurgo from NJ Entertainment.

Although her first tune was not one that sat well with the audience, viewers, or the judges, she came back for her second performance with The AnimalsHouse of the Rising Sun.”

“This was a near perfect performance which brought the judges and audience to their feet for the only standing ovation of the evening. Haley hit it big time – Randy Jackson said it was the best performance of the show and he was right – this was one of the best covers of this tune ever,” Parade Magazine continued to say.

Melisurgo countered Parade Magazine’s remarks and then went on to state, “Haley started off with a smooth acapella verse, then exploded with a fiery, raspy finish. [What] a terrific performance – probably the best of the night.”

Melisurgo was correct. It received praise by all three judges as the best performance of the night. Even Randy Jackson went on to say, “The award tonight for the best performance of the night goes to Haley.”

Then onto Thursday evening’s elimination Haley was told by Ryan Seacrest that she is safe and will be making her way onto the top four of American Idol. Tune into the show next week to see whether or not Haley will be packing her bags and leave the Idol scene or she will stay on to make it to the top three of American Idol.


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