Chicago’s Haley Reinhart Makes Top 13

English: Haley Reinhart at the American Idols ...

English: Haley Reinhart at the American Idols LIVE! 2011 Tour in July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harper’s very own, Haley Reinhart, made her way to the Top 13 on American Idol. On March 10 she was in the bottom three due to her singing of ‘Blue’ by LeAnn Rimes. Although she was on the bottom three, she was declared safe by Ryan Seacrest.

One critic of The Examiner said Haley, “is the ‘other’ country singer with the growly voice still remaining in Season 10 of American Idol.”

Reinhart who is 20 years-old from Wheeling Ill., has been singing on stage with her parents since she was just 8-years-old. Parents, Harry and Patti, and their band Midnight persist to perform around the Chicagland area.

In Reinhart’s blog, she made after making it on American Idol; she “described her family as the most influential people in her life.”

Haley also describes herself with “a soft voice, which she can instantly turn the heat up on.”

The type of music that has influenced her as stated on American Idol include motown, classic rock, disco, pop, funk, blues and the 50s.

Reinhart was a member of the multicultural club, SHADE, at Wheeling High School. She was also a part of the jazz band and toured Italy and Switzerland.

“Haley is so down to earth,” said school choir director and band director Brian Logan. “There is not a diva bone in her body. She has true grace.”

When Reinhart was asked what she learned after not making the cut the first time, she said, “I studied more and learned to grow as an artist.”

Reinhart graduated from Wheeling High School in 2009 and joined the jazz ensemble and jazz lab here at Harper College. Ensemble director Ken Spurr said while she studied jazz piano, her vocals are her greatest skill.

“She’s not afraid to admit that American Idol has made her cry tears of joy many times,” commented American Idol’s website.

As Reinhart stated during her audition in Milwaukee where she was awarded to go to Hollywood, “You guys told me to come back,” which she did and has now made it to Top 12 on American Idol Season 10.


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