Andrew Zimmern Visits Harper College

Andrew Zimmern at #ls12

Andrew Zimmern at #ls12 (Photo credit: Greyhawk68)

Pots and pans were thrashed about with yelling from a female, “Hot pan coming behind.” The Culinary Department of Harper College was making a meal that would go down in history; for Andrew Zimmern.

With ten students bustling about the kitchen since 10:30 that morning, the time was counting down for the arrival of their special guest. Walking into the kitchen the smells of what was being cooked was an explosion to one’s senses. The Harbinger could tell they were in the way with the little to no room that was available. However, prying into the details of what was being cooked the students did not mind telling.

“Cranberry bread, salad, bucheta, beef Kaaba‘s, and a Mexican desert are just some of the dishes that are being made currently in the kitchen,” Mike Ritter.

The moment Andrew Zimmern stepped into the kitchen there was a complete moment of silence, then, all of a sudden, the previous sounds came back – louder than before. The time for the culinary students to show their skills had begun.

Once Zimmern had free time he asked what he could do to help and the last dish to be made was the mussels. Showing off his skills, Zimmern displayed mastery in the kitchen by adding seasoning here, lemon zest there, and even diced up vegetables. Then with a puff of steam the muscles were dumped into two large bowls and brought into the room where the students and their guest would eat the meal of their life time.

Before everyone sat down there was a hesitation to sit by the man who was called to have an “iron stomach”. Yet, they all came together and sat down eyeing what dishes they wanted to try first. Zimmern started first by placing the grilled carrots on his plate and passed them around, and the process went on with the many other dishes on the table.

Once everyone had their plate plated with the dishes of their desire, the ‘digging in’ commenced. Although it is rude to talk with one’s mouth open, this rare occasion called for it. Some students asking questions about his show, where he has traveled, even where his career first began, Zimmern was truly enthusiastic to answer any and all questions they had.

After all the students and guests looked like they were ready to burst, Zimmern answered a few other questions that were on all of the minds of those in the room.

“If I could give any advice to those who are going into the culinary field it would be to not be discouraged by those reality cook shows because it is not how the real world is. Keep pursuing what you want to accomplish.”

Once the time came down to Zimmern to make his way to his next performance, the lecture in Building M, The Harbinger had a chance to speak again with Mike Ritter who was in awe over the dinner.
“That was crazy, but kind of relaxed at the same time. It was like as if it was not happening. What I learned from this, since I just got out of high school, I am 21, which isn’t really out of high school, but I know this is what I want to do and his story about how he began was really influential.”


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