Harper Student Makes it to the Top

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Haley Reinhart, former Harper College student, has made her way to Hollywood on American Idol. She sang her way through her auditions, group week, solos, and even her interview in an airplane hangar on Feb. 23.

While sitting in the chair for the interview, Wednesday evening, she had her bright, ear-to-ear smile on for Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson, the three American Idol judges.

Haley says the process has helped her define who she is stylistically when Jackson asked about the year off after auditions in season nine.

Tyler gives her a ‘yes’, and Haley took the news with a smile, unlike other contestants who were jumping for joy and crying. As Haley walked the absurd length of the hangar, the audience watching could hear her giggling and laughing with joy. “She’s a happy girl,” Steven says.

“Very, very nice,” Lopez said. “That was really good and you all made it your own individually.”

“Though Reinhart was in a group with similarly big voices, she still managed to stand out,” stated The Daily Herald.

Although she he didn’t make the cut in Season 9 after auditioning in Chicago, Hollywood’s been a mixed bag for her, with a bad group performance and a Georgia on My Mind that has received mixed reviews from the critics.

“Um, HELLO, she totally over sang this. She was like a precocious child trying to sound like a mature adult with this sexy, growly vocalization – and that was a bit disturbing, considering her voice sounds like that of a child. Sorry, but I’m not a fan. This sounded forced and unnatural. Just to be clear, I really like some growly, soulful vocals when they sound natural – i.e. Elliott Yamin or David Archuleta,” said critic Jenny Franklin.

While at Harper College, Haley sang with the Music Department’s Jazz Ensemble during the Student Activities’ outdoor Dinner and Jazz Concert. Under the direction of Ken Spurr, who coordinates the Jazz Combo, Haley has sung not only at Harper events, but also at concerts.

Many of Haley’s friends here at Harper College have commented on her Facebook and her YouTube videos to give her their support.

“Good luck Haley! Congrats on being in the top 24! Look forward to seeing you go all the way,” said Lisa Moseley.

Even one of Haley’s professors commented on her making it to LA, Professor Depalma, who teaches a variety of courses in the field of American history, stated on the first day of American History 112 the strange reasons to take a final early.

“One of my students last semester had one of the best reasons to take the final early. At first I didn’t believe her because it was ridiculous and sounded made up. However, Haley stated she needed to take the final early because she was going to LA for American Idol. I let her take the final early, but it wasn’t until I saw the commercial for American Idol with her singing that I believed her reason to take the final early.”

Haley has made it into the top 24 on American Idol and could go further. Many Harper students give their love and votes out to her when talking about the subject with The Harbinger staff. Although Haley has a non-disclosure agreement with American Idol and cannot communicate with the press, The Harbinger did find a comment from Haley on her Facebook page.

“Well, here we are at Season 10 of American Idol and I made it onto Hollywood! Whew! I knew if I kept practicing and tried again after season 9, that I would stand a chance. I look forward to growing this page as the season goes on. Thank you all for the support thus far! I love you all!”


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