WHCM Broadcasts a new Selection

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English: Circle outlined in gray with the words William Rainey Harper College within it, and a blue geometric shape that is the logo of Harper College with the letters est. 1965. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Jan. 20, reports of road congestion in America has reached record heights here in Chicago. The Windy City ranks number one in road congestion with commuters wasting an average of 70 hours on the road annually. However, the study even went into the finances of this on commuters.

“Again, the Chicago area took sole possession of No. 1 in the cost of congestion to each individual commuter — $1,738 on average for each person for all of 2009,” reports states.

In efforts to decrease these numbers at Harper College, the radio station WHCM, along with the support and help with the Campus Police, has started to broadcasting traffic and parking problems here at Harper.

The radio station is broadcasting traffic reports of roads near Harper that students use to commute to and from campus. Along with the traffic reports, the campus police is monitoring the parking lots and reporting which of them are filled at certain times of the day so students can find a parking spot at a reasonable time.

“We are trying to relieve the anxiety and frustration that students have with the traffic congestion. The parking lot problem is usually within the first 10 day mark because after that most students drop classes or do not return to the classes,” said Chief Alsup.

“During our normal patrol we will be notifying dispatchers of the full parking lots and they will put this up on our Harper webpage and then the radio station will broadcast this. We are also doing the same thing with the marketing department where if students join our Facebook page they will be able to get updates where parking lots are full.”

The radio station, WHCM, has started to broadcast the traffic reports and parking lot reports as of Feb. 1. The broadcast reports every hour on the hour at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., and 10 a.m. each morning Monday through Thursday. Students can find more information on Harper’s Facebook page.

Harper College’s President, Dr. Kenneth Ender, stated that these reports will help students be aware of the radio station and parking lots that are still available and open by certain periods of the day. He also made it aware that by next year, 2011-2012, Harper should be working on building a parking deck in the eastern part of campus where parking has been getting congested.

Michael Nejman, Harper College’s Student Activities Director, who was working with the campus police, radio station and the IT department commented, “We really believe our students will benefit from this service, so I hope to offer it soon, while weather conditions are dicey on a daily basis.”

Sammie Fenton, the station manager of WHCM, is very enthusiastic about the traffic, parking, and weather reports that are being broad casted on their station.

“It will be extremely beneficial to students if they listen to the radio broadcast,” said Fenton, “they will know about the parking, which I personally find stressful, and will be able to make it to class on time and with no delays either.”

One of the students who will be reporting about the parking, traffic, and weather is WHCM’s program director Josh Fiandaca.

“Students and others can check our Facebook page that will have regular reports given by the Harper College Police,” said Fiandaca, “Our Facebook page is”

For students interested in hearing WHCM’s broadcast, students can tune in and listen to weekly programming on 88.3 FM. They also stream live on the web at:


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