Writer and Producer Mark Boal Makes Appearance at Harper College

Mark Boal is the writer of the movie "The...

Mark Boal is the writer of the movie “The Hurt Locker.” Screening was at the Landmark Sunshine Theater, NYC. Director, writer, and actor were in attendance and held a Q&A session afterwards. This was an amazing movie about the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal units) operating in Iraq. It’s an unbiased look at a very dangerous and fascinating job, I highly recommend everyone try to see this movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Academy Award winner for both Best Original Screen Play and Best Picture, Mark Boal, is coming to Harper College on Wednesday, Sept. 15. At this event he will be speaking with students and guests about the success with his screenplay of The Hurt Locker.

Boal will be at Harper’s Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. While he is here at Harper, he’ll talk about his success with his movie and the importance of the film itself.

Not only was Boal the writer of The Hurt Locker, but he produced it as well. The film itself was acknowledged at the 82nd Academy Awards with Best Director, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing.

He is not only a screenplay writer and producer but also a freelance journalist. Many of his pieces were placed in magazines such as The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and Playboy.

Boal’s article that brought his screenplay of The Hurt Locker forward, which was published in Playboy,is “The Man in the Bomb Suit.”  From there, using his interviews and observations from Iraq for his piece, he started writing his screenplay for The Hurt Locker.

The movie is about a bomb squad in Iraq during the present-day war. It expresses the intense combat field of disarming bombs during war. It too addresses the traumatic experiences of the people in the country trying to kill the soldiers and other civilians.

Boal’s writing and portrayal of the war in Iraq allows viewers to understand the extreme and severe pressure the soldiers and other members of the war have.

For those who would like to see and hear Mark, the prices for tickets for Harper Students with current HarperCard is $7; Harper faculty/staff, seniors and other students with valid IDs are $10, and general public prices are $15.

Not only will Harper have Mark Boal come to Harper to speak with students and the public, but there will also be a free viewing of The Hurt Locker the following day on Thursday, Sept. at 7:30 p.. at the Performing Arts Center. This great opportunity that is free is open to all who would like to see the intense and heart wrenching film of The Hurt Locker.


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