Christopher Meerdo: Reiteration

Chris Meerdo- Cipher

Chris Meerdo- Cipher (Photo credit: Gallery 400)

Christopher Meerdo, who is known for his national and international exhibitions, will be screening his piece called “Reiteration” at Harper College.

Beginning August 23, Meerdo’s art exhibit will be in building C, room C201. The exhibit will be from 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and will go through September 23.  It’s free and open to the public.

Meerdo’s work observes history and reminiscences through side-by-side photos. “Reiteration” will be an eye-opening experience for those students here at Harper studying art and photography and also for those who enjoy the experience of seeing the work of an international artist.

Many of Meerdo’s exhibitions have been here in Illinois, and his work is now being brought to Harper’s very own art exhibit.

Meerdo began his journey achieving his degree in photography at Northern Michigan University. He is now attaining his masters in photography at Illinois’ very own University of Illinois at Chicago.

One of Meerdo’s upcoming pieces will be entered in an art contest called “ArtPrize” in Grand Rapids. His piece, called “Stalemate,” will be voted on by the public for the world’s largest art prize, otherwise known as “the world’s largest excuse to get creative and try something new,” according to their website.

Although many of Meerdo’s works have been here in the US, he has had the chance to go to Nottingham, England, where his work was placed in NOW Festival. His works have traveled from Illinois to Washington, then on to New York to Michigan. Meerdo’s work is also known in England and Canada.

When asked about his inspiration for becoming an artist, Meerdo said that he started out with an interest in photography because of his grandfather.

“When he passed away, he left me his twin lens 1936 Rolleiflex camera in his will,” Meerdo said. “Several years later I also received all of his original negatives that he shot with this camera.

“I was always inspired by my grandfather, as he was not only an avid photographer, but also a gardener and skilled carpenter. He built his own house and made furniture and children’s toys. In addition to my grandfather’s influence, I have had tremendous support from other artists, writers, and curators here in and Chicago and elsewhere.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, there will be special events including a slide lecture in the painting studio at 1:15 p.m., then a reception and discussion with the artist in the Art Exhibition Space (Room C200) at 2:15 p.m.. Be sure not to miss this great opportunity to meet not only a Chicago artist but a world renowned artist here at our very own art exhibit.


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